View Full Version : EV Nova MMPORG?

2004-11-02, 18:24
No, it's not from ambrosia.

link (http://vendetta-online.com/)

Basically it looks like it's a 3D version of EV Nova. Doesn't quite have the storyline there yet, but it's supposed to be on the way. Best part is? Same release date, price point, for OSX, Win and Linux.

Stop by and take a look, see what you think. Looks interesting enough I might give it a whirl.

2004-11-02, 18:29
Anyone remember terminus?

That was kind of like a 3D EV, not MMOG but like 128 max people in a game, with NPCs. It was a great space sim, concept game, but it fell flat on being fun.

oh well.

2004-11-20, 11:07
It's too bad this is a subscription game. I would buy it if it had a flat fee.

- Xidius

2004-11-20, 12:07
I'd play it if it were free.... :smokey:

2004-11-21, 09:25
Upon playing the 'trial' of this game, I have concluded that it sucks. =\

Not so horrible graphics though.

- Xidius