View Full Version : Any structural engineers out there?

2009-11-07, 13:37
So this could be a GB thread but it's more of creative work so I'm putting it here. See, I need to run data cables throughout my house. It's attic is a pretty interesting beast that I'm not sure what to make of it though. There was a pretty good sized addition built on that the roof now lays on the old one. There is no physical tie in to the original roof. Gravity is doing all the work, or so it seems to my untrained eye. Here's some pics to help illustrate though:

This is what looks like the load bearing wall to support the new roof's weight with the addition of the second picture showing the placement on the original roof. In the first picture you can also see another side of the original roof under the new roof.

This is from the Man Cave attic looking at the original roof and the second is looking back.

The original structure uses a truss type of roof. Seems the building code people were ok with this design so I won't worry too much about a hurricane literally ripping my roof off. :eek:

What I need to do though is gain access to the original attic from the new attic (or vice-versa) to pass cabling. Seems there won't be any problem putting a hole in the original roof to allow this access, I just want to get a second set of opinions before I breakout the saw.

2009-11-08, 00:54
It doesn't look like there is a problem, but I could be a little disoriented with your description so I would wait for more opinions...

2009-11-08, 00:57
I'd still be worried about a hurricane ripping your roof off... but I am probably one of the few people on this board who has experienced the full splendor of a Cat 4 storm...

As for the question at hand -- it looks like it should be ok. I would make sure that the hole was sealable in case the new roof starts to leak...