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2010-03-16, 15:09
Every morning, I seem to wake up with a song immediately lodged in my head. I don't recall ever dreaming about it (or the artist/band who performed it). In fact, more often than not, it's a song that a) I've not heard in ages, b) don't own in my iTunes library and/or c) was never a big fan of (or even know that well).

How does this happen?

How did I wake up this morning with Atlanta Rhythm Section's "Imaginary Lover" in my brain when I know damn good and well I've not even heard that song since grade school?! And I've been singing/humming it all day long (and I don't even know all the words).


That's just not one of those songs that has been "part of me". I could understand if it was some Beatles song, or Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic" or whatever. Or Petty, Lucinda, etc. Stuff I listen to a lot. But it's never those songs.

It's always some goofball song (often from the 70's, so I guess they're just lodged deep in my brain?).

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to keep a little notepad on my nightstand and write down the song that's in my head tomorrow morning when I wake up. Should be a hoot to see what all shows up in a month's time.

Yesterday? Three Dog Night's "Shambala". I don't know anything by these guys other than that bullfrog song.

Seriously...what the hell?!


Does this happen to you guys?

2010-03-16, 15:26
Not me. I get woken up just about every morning by my 5 year old who wants to watch Scooby Doo. So I guess, maybe I do have a song in my head every morning, but it's usually a cartoon theme song. :D

2010-03-16, 15:30
But that's a pretty cool song! :D

2010-03-16, 15:31
But that's a pretty cool song! :D

It is! It has a cool bass line too (which I've learned :) ). Just not what I want stuck in my head every morning. :lol:

2010-03-16, 16:31
I wake up with a song in my head almost every morning and it's rarely a song I've listened to recently but it's almost always something that's lurking in my iTunes library.

I actually started a playlist with the songs I woke up to but I eventually forgot to keep up with it. I'll sometimes throw the album the song is from on my iPod for my ride to work - great way to rediscover old music I haven't listened to in a while.

I'm ashamed to admit that I woke up this morning to Bananarama's Cruel Summer - a song I most certainly do not have in my iTunes library. :| :o

2010-03-16, 17:02
I have you all beat.

The breaker box for our apartment is in my room. I woke up today to find the door to the breaker box panel open. Nobody else could have come into my room (well, I hope). :eek:

The thing is, I vaguely remember trying to open it last night. It could have been a dream. I think I remember pushing at the door panel, hoping it would pop open but then realizing it had to be unlatched.

So, yeah. I got out of bed, walked over to the breaker box, managed to get it open, and hopefully didn't switch anything, all practically in my sleep. :lol:

There's a sort of plausible explanation. My thermostat is next to the breaker box, and my thermostat is broken. If I set it to a warmer temperature, it will start heating up the room...but it will never stop heating up the room, even when the temperature in the room far exceeds the set temperature. Thus, setting the thermostat to "Comfort Zone" when I'm trying to fall asleep is a virtual guarantee that I will wake up sweat-soaked in a sauna a couple of hours later.

I'm pretty sure that's what I did, and Confused Sleepy Me was trying to open up the big breaker box to turn off the thermostat rather than manipulating the small thermostat dial immediately to its left.

El Gallo
2010-03-16, 17:23
I have something similar and find that it is my brain trying to remember the song that was sampled in a newer song or that there is a chord progression that is the same between a newer song and an older song and my brain wants that understood by my conscious mind.

2010-03-16, 17:50
I'm off to bed now. When I wake up, I'll post the first sing that comes to me. It'll be interesting if it's something I've heard recently or not. :)

2010-03-16, 19:57
Yeah, I'm going to do the same thing in the morning (if my $#%^#! iMac is still acting right and will wake up without a hassle). ;)

I'm just curious to where this comes from, and what triggers it. As I said in the opening post, I've not heard that "Imaginary Lover" song in years. Hell, decades.

It's as though it's lodged into my brain somewhere, a distant memory, and opening my eyes in the morning just randomly selects some nutty song from my past and it's the first thing I "hear" and wind up humming/singing all morning.

I'm an iPaul shuffle. :p

I'd love to know how this happens. That Three Dog Night song...that's not something I walk around singing or remembering, so something triggered it.

2010-03-17, 02:04
Dallas theme tune. Now that was random.

2010-03-17, 03:53
Bigger question...does anyone else always have music running through their mind? Not songs stuck in your head, but actual music just continually being composed? It's frustrating. I always do, and I stop being able to hear it once I try to write it down.

2010-03-17, 06:00
Bigger question...does anyone else always have music running through their mind? Not songs stuck in your head, but actual music just continually being composed? It's frustrating. I always do, and I stop being able to hear it once I try to write it down.

I do! I wish I knew how to write it down. I can't, because I'm not very good at reading music. :o

But yeah. When I actually learn how to write that crap down, I'll have two musicals and parts of two others :lol:

2010-03-17, 06:59
"Dream Police", Cheap Trick. I kid you not. Been awake for one whole minute... :)

2010-03-17, 19:29
Do you guys ever get a near audio hallucination effect? I mean beyond "running through your head" and straight to "as if it were playing on a stereo nearby."

I used to have that happen when I was younger, not for a while though. Just another cool thing lost to age.

2010-03-18, 06:18
Bandoliers by Them Crooked Vultures.

2010-03-18, 07:16
"Another Brick in the Wall" (is that the actual title?), Pink Floyd. I actually dreamed this one (driving down the road and it was playing on my car radio), and when I woke up, it was right there, in my head, and I've been humming it for the past 10 or so minutes.

This one I still hear quite a bit on local "classic rock" radio, so it's not as baffling as some others that seem to come out of nowhere.

2010-03-18, 07:36
I often fall asleep listening to my iPod so it's not uncommon to wake up with a song from the night before in my head. Lately it's been Andrew Bird tunes. There are worse things to be preoccupied with.

2010-03-18, 07:41
Have you guys seen that new Verizon commercial that re-writes the old Big Red chewing gum ad songs? Yeah, I woke up with the Verizon version stuck in my head this morning. That was three hours ago, and it's still there. WTF?

2010-03-18, 07:46
I saw that the other day and it too me a few seconds to get what was going on. :D

"Say goodbye a little longer...".

I wonder if they'll do a series of them? Take older, known commercial jingles (particularly any that have anything to do with talking, communicating, etc.) and apply them to new Verizon spots?

It could get ugly. :)

El Gallo
2010-03-18, 17:53
Bigger question...does anyone else always have music running through their mind? Not songs stuck in your head, but actual music just continually being composed? It's frustrating. I always do, and I stop being able to hear it once I try to write it down.

Yes I do and several of them I got down but I never seem able to complete the songs. I think I'm one of those guys that needs a well motivated co-writer.

I do the same thing with visual jokes but have no graphic art skills to speak of to make them happen. I thought it would be hilarious to do something with Facebook poking and a tombstone. Something along the line of "I'm dead you asshole and so now I can't be poked back."

2010-04-23, 09:27
Today? "She Said" by Collective Soul (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31s1dOQlqY0). Haven't heard it since the 90's, but I woke up with that little guitar riff in my head...


The other day was KC and the Sunshine Band, out of nowhere, so...



2010-04-23, 09:55
Dude. Go to the Dentist and get your fillings checked.


2010-04-23, 10:05
I know! I must be getting reception from the local classic rock and alternative stations... :p

2010-04-23, 10:36
I've had this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNxygsLGHSQ) in my head all day.

2010-04-23, 12:32
Keith Richards says that's how the Satisfaction riff came to him.