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2012-05-01, 18:09
The challenge is to capture an expression of color. At first I was going to restrict it to complimentary colors but I wondered if that might be too narrow.

So, color in general. Maybe with another color or two to contrast, not totally monochromatic. Vivid, or pale if it works. Just something that, when you squint or stand back, seems to take on a single, dominant tone of color or highlights just a bit of color.

Minimal editing. Taken during challenge.

Here are examples of my own:


2012-05-01, 18:19
It is ok if I submit mine in black and white?

:p Just kidding.

Should be fun.

2012-05-01, 18:25
It is ok if I submit mine in black and white?

:p Just kidding.

Should be fun.


And, deadline: Saturday, June 2nd @ 1900 EST

2012-05-01, 21:15
This could be fun.

2012-05-02, 00:42
Sounds interesting. I already have a rough idea. My only problem: I cut the flexor tendon in my left middle finger on monday and now have a splint for the next 6 weeks...

Dorian Gray
2012-05-02, 02:27
My only problem: I cut the flexor tendon in my left middle finger on monday and now have a splint for the next 6 weeks...
This is our chance, fellas! :D

Sorry to hear that, GSpotter. Get well soon, er, in about six weeks. ;)

Good challenge, arteggio.

2012-05-02, 09:47
This is our chance, fellas! :DDon't celebrate too soon... :D We currently have the rape blossom here. I'm handicapped, but my right hand still works ...;)

2012-05-08, 13:45
This thread needs more pictures... ;)
To get the ball rollin', here's my entry. As promised, it's quite yellow. Taken 'single-handed' in walking distance from my home:
http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7221/7159413812_99ab553027_c.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/iphotograph/7159413812/)

2012-05-08, 17:28
Agreed, more pictures! Here is a possible entry.


Dorian Gray
2012-05-14, 09:29
Since everything in France is green at the moment, here's another green:


2012-05-18, 23:26
This is what I have for now. I am not entirely happy with it, but I'll see if I have time for a replacement entry - I might not.

http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7087/7182678060_4abaee35eb_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/18678497@N03/7182678060/in/photostream)

2012-05-28, 21:29
I want to enter this one instead:

http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7101/7291288524_16b01fb512_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/18678497@N03/7291288524/sizes/l/in/photostream/)

Various shades of green.

2012-06-02, 22:37
I know it's a little late, but I was on a mini vacation and just finished going through my shots.


2012-06-03, 10:06
So much yellow and green! (It must be summer or something.) The late entry is fine. I thought about extending the contest a bit because I'm traveling myself and couldn't post last night.

GSpotter: The depth of field is superb, and I love that it blurs out all of that brilliant yellow and the sky in the midground and beyond. I was thinking about this with Dorian's photo and the black at the bottom of my orange one which I wish I had gotten less of.

Dorian and PB: I really like the greens, with both the black (and some white) rippling into the water and the strip trailing the field, which gives some depth to the foreground.

Chinney: Although your first photo is less adherent to a single expression of color, I really like it. It captures brown, yellow, and green, and the whiteness from the knives and book, and the black from the vase and container. It's neat how the celery stalks are grades of light green but capture grades of light yellow from the lighting.

As for that last minute entry, I declare turtle's photo the winner of this contest. It's a novel contrast to the summer palette, and I like the way the monstrous ship protrudes from the darkness (the top and bottom of the frame are nearly the same hue) with accents of orange, a strip of blue, and a spot of green. 

I wouldn't have minded some more of the rainbow represented, but I like all of these photos. It's intriguing to see what little bits of color creeped into, framed, or highlighted the the dominant color since other colors were inevitable. :)

2012-06-03, 23:00
Congrats Turtle. Well done. I like the feeling of that shot.

2012-06-04, 19:36
Thanks for the comments and selecting my image! I'm working on the next topic idea now and plan to post it later tonight. Time has been really short for me lately it seems.

Edit: Also for those wondering, the ship was the USS Ashland (http://www.ashland.navy.mil/).

2012-06-07, 15:43
Congrats, turtle. I was thinking yours was a dark horse, emphasis on dark, gray (grey). This was bitchin PCT; all of the shots are great from my point of view. I had nothing in the month to compare. Nice work, fellas.

2012-06-07, 17:19
Yeah I liked the pics in this one, very cool.

Dorian Gray
2012-06-07, 17:27
Good work, turtle. Where did you see the USS Ashland? Her high walls looming forth in the gloom produce an ominous feeling. As well they might!

My entry was actually shot into the sun (though it was high), which produced the bright backlit greens. The sky in the background was blue to the eye, but the camera couldn't cope with the contrast (or I overexposed). Thus the odd look. A blue sky would have diluted the greens anyway, for the purpose of this challenge, but it would have looked more natural.

2012-06-07, 18:54
Thank you for the compliments guys. I do appreciate them.

Well, if you look at the 48 on the bow and you know the general class of ships it's pretty easy to find. I was in the Navy so I knew what I was looking for. A quick Google search and I had the name presented to me with a few images to match up.

The one on the ship's home page is different however. If you look above the anchor you will see what's called the RAM launcher (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RIM-116_Rolling_Airframe_Missile). It's not there in the image I took however, likely being serviced at this time since they are in "the yards".