View Full Version : Apple: Cease and Desist over PowerMac pics

2004-06-04, 15:09
If you didn't know, from Appleinsider.com: New service photos show unreleased Power Mac G5 (http://www.appleinsider.com/article.php?id=474) (3 June). (Strange writing that as a rumour reference...)

Now Kasper says (http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=42716) that a Cease and Desist order was receieved the same day, while some* pictures have been removed. Way to confirm a rumour Apple!

*Yet, strangely, the picture on the Home Page remains in place:


Heh heh. AppleInsider wasn't stamped across the picture, last time I looked though! Haha, way to claim intellectual property guys!

*Edit; not any more:


2004-06-04, 15:15
Maybe Apple will nail Kasper to the wall :devil:

But the photos are weird, I wanna know what's under that massive heatsink...

2004-06-04, 15:18
Processors. No more than two though. It's just a better way to rid the machine of heat, a bigger area for it to dispurse will always be better. Requires fewer fans, so less noise, even though it was never a noisy machine to begin with.

Looks like it's been confirmed that the new PMs will look like that.

2004-06-04, 20:21
Gee.. that just makes me wonder what apple plans to do with all the extra space now gained by reducing the motherboard size. I mean, you could cram something in there, it does not have to be empty.

Edit: err.. yah I just RTFA... Apple might stick a Tb of storage in that space.

2004-06-04, 22:38
second optical drive???

<crosses fingers>

2004-06-07, 15:23
Congrats to pscates2.0 for his entry into the very exclusive "cease & desist" club.

Although, technically, it was the work of the 1.0 version..... ;)