View Full Version : A Little Stardust for Us All

2004-06-18, 12:37


This is WAY cool. Didn't realize the craft had already made contact with its intended target earlier this year. Guess it takes a while to get the data beamed back.

It will be sweet when the little escape pod that was jettisoned back to earth gets here. They used a little armature with a "scoop" on it to capture particles from this comet. The little particles hit the surface of something called "aerogel" which is like a [super-thin, gelatinous substance that captures and suspends high speed particles without damaging them... so basically the comet dust hits the scoop, melts the aerogel and is (I suppose within a second or two) suspended in a glass-like state for the trip home.]

2004-06-18, 12:51
"Perhaps the strangest surface structures, researchers said, were two deep depressions with flat floors and steep walls. They looked like two giant footprints. On a map of the comet, they are labeled Left Foot and Right Foot." :eek: :eek: :eek:

I knew I shouldn't have put my name on that thing... :(