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mac os x driver for HP LaserJet 1018???

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mac os x driver for HP LaserJet 1018???
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Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Canada
Old 2006-09-05, 08:36

Hi there,
I bought my daughter an HP LaserJet 1018, without reading the fine print - - now I discover that there's no driver for her MacBook.
I searched the web, and found a driver named 'foo2zjs', but when I downloaded it and tried to open the included mac os x installation notes, nothing opened.
Can anyone advise me please? Is there a way to get this printer to work? Or do I have to return it and get another model?
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Old 2006-09-05, 08:58

You may not need any drivers. Have you tried just using the printer utility to add a printer?
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Join Date: May 2004
Old 2006-09-05, 09:21

I've found that there are some functionality differences between the preinstalled OS X drivers (which mostly just let you "print") vs. dedicated ones downloaded from the manufacturer.

My friend has an HP Deskjet 5550(?), or something very close (four digits, lots of "5"s ). When you plug it in and configure it, it'll certainly print. But she didn't have access to all the various customization options, ink monitoring, print quality/ink saving options, etc. until she went to HP and got the one from there.

And the exact thing happened with me and my little cheapo Canon i350.

In any case, I don't see OS X drivers at HP's site for this 1018 model:

If it were me, I'd return it and get a similar printer that I know has OS X drivers/functionality. You can try torifile's suggestion, but who knows if you'll get all the bells and whistles? I'd always wonder, or feel as though I'm working with a jerry-rigged set-up that could go at any moment.

If HP themselves don't list Mac drivers/software for it, I'd have to wonder about any native, OS X built-in support/ robust and full-fledged is it?

Use HP's site to find a similarly-equpped/featured printer as the 1018 with native Mac support.

DISCLOSURE: I say/recommend the above as someone who ISN'T a tinkerer, not particularly fond of downloading weirdo third or fourth party patches and unofficial "workarounds", etc. and simply likes to buy and use stuff with full Mac OS X support...because I get no thrill or joy whatsoever out of screwing around with software, drivers, patches, updates, fixes, hacks, etc., or generally feel like I'm "fighting" my system to try and get the impossible to "sorta work". I like my stuff to work like it's supposed to, out of the box, with little-to-no-effort or sweat on my part. YMMV...some people live for that kind of stuff (the "challenge" of getting things to work together that technically shouldn't), and I realize that. But not me.

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Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Canada
Old 2006-09-05, 09:58

Thanks for the advice so far! All that I did was try to add the closest HP driver listed in Printer SetUp Utility, and that didn't work. That led to my google search for a driver, which led to the one with the funny name. Which I couldn't install.
I'll wait for any more advice that might come in. If no luck, I'll return the 1018 and get one with os x drivers.
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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Toronto, Canada
Old 2006-09-08, 22:35

I've been very tempted to pick up this inexpensive printer realizing it may not work without some workaround. I know many have had success buying the 1020 model and using the driver for the 1022 as they're from the same "family"

Perhaps you can try the same using the driver for the 1010, 1012, 1015 family assuming the 1018 is from that same series.

One other possible quick workaround without patches and driver hell, is to simply plug it into an Airport Express station (assuming you have one) and hopefully it'll show up as a Bonjour/Rendevous printer. I've read of others having success this way too. Let me know if you succeed...I'd love to pick up a cheap laser.
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Location: Toronto, Canada
Old 2006-09-14, 22:29

Not exactly the 1018, but similar in situation.

I just picked up a LaserJet 1020 on sale for about $100...realizing fully that it may not work. But when I got it for $100, it was worth a try on my iMac Duo Core.

Downloaded the "older" 1022 driver and tried to add the 1020 printer. No driver was available. However, I then plugged the printer to an old G3 iBook and installed the same driver on there. This time the driver popped up immediately and I was able to add the printer. Don't know why but maybe it works with PPC and not Intel.

However, I then shared the iBook via Airport network. Reconnected the printer to the iMac and went back to the Printer Utility. Low and behold...the driver showed up and I could add the 1020 printer.

I realize it's a bit of a workaround. Too bad the LaserJet 1022 isn't available here in Canada (only 1022n which starts at about $300). Otherwise I'd spring for that and not risk future incompatibility.
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New Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
Old 2006-09-15, 14:57

So, did anyone manage to get it working? FS has a sale on these right now so I am thinking of getting it. But if it don't work, then I won't buy it.
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