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Imac RAM
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Join Date: Jan 2005
2005-02-05, 23:26

I just recently bought an iMac G5. As it comes with a pathetic 256mb of RAM, i am going to upgrade. I will buy at least a 512 chip, considering buying 2 x 512, and also considering buying a 1gb chip. I am on a budget but do not want to limit my computer's capabilities. Any thoughts on this?

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2005-02-05, 23:58

buy a 512 dimm... which will add up with your current 256. Then down the road, rip out the 256 and place in a gig dimm...
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Location: Minnesota
2005-02-06, 00:43

Getting a single 512 to add to your 256 would be perfect. 2x512 is a waste of money, since it costs twice as much but only gives you 25% more RAM. You may consider getting a 1 GB DIMM, but 256+512 MB is enough for almost everything. Later on, if you need more, you can then replace the 256 MB with a 1 GB and double your RAM.
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2005-02-06, 00:52

look for a cheap 256 stick from a Mm owner that is upgrading...

Then when prices on 1GB dimms drop, buy a pair.

This way you have paired ram for the iMac and the Ram Bus will run at double the bitrate... (that is what I am doing anyway)

also, you can sell the 256 pair to a G5 owner for the price of the original 256 upgrade (or more, who knows) so you won't really lose anything. (assuming you can find a buyer)

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2005-02-06, 06:03

when will you learn to properly write Apple`s product names?

it`s iMac, not Imac, IMac or IMAC.


*yes, i am being anal
Rest In Peace
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Atlanta
2005-02-06, 06:22

Originally Posted by Unbeliever
*yes, i am being anal

What gets to me is people who type MAC. When I see that, I immediately think, "Hey, they're talking about the MAC address of a piece of kit... oh wait, no, they mean "Mac" as in "Macintosh".

yeah, I'm a geek.

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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: London
2005-02-06, 15:59

I always think 1Gb gives good peace of mind and 512Mb is on the low side - so 768Mb as a min and 1Gb if you are happy with the cash outlay.
rams it
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Seattle
2005-02-06, 17:31

Originally Posted by Unbeliever
when will you learn to properly write Apple`s product names?

it`s iMac, not Imac, IMac or IMAC.


*yes, i am being anal
Not as bad as I-MAC or what ever. That really bothers me...
beatnik tech friendship
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Ottawa, ON
2005-02-06, 22:58

A related question: how easy is it to install RAM do-it-yourself on the G5 iMac? I bought my G3 iMac with the bare-bones RAM a few years ago, but bought an additional stick and installed it easily myself, as a neophyte.

I am more than willing to do this again, but I wonder if the new iMac is as easy to get into. No doubt this was covered around here shortly after the iMac G5 came out, but I can't recall the answer, and now I am about to take the plunge and finally get a new computer....

On another note, this site recommends that you go for matched pairs of RAM for the iMac G5. Any comments from the experts around here?

Apple says if you install a matched pair of DDR DIMMs in the two sockets, then the memory will be accessed on a 128 bit wide path, instead of the normal 64-bit path. That's great - except they do not define what "matched pair" means. It is not sufficient to simply install two PC3200 DIMMs of the same size - the two DIMMs need to match each other at the chip level, so that the machine sees them as being identially arranged electronically.

First step: Don't order extra RAM from Apple

The easiest way to do this is to buy the iMac with the minimum 256 Mb RAM then order a pair of 512 Mb DIMMs or a pair of 1 Gb DIMMs from us, and we'll guarantee they match.

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2005-02-06, 23:07

Originally Posted by Chinney
A related question: how easy is it to install RAM do-it-yourself on the G5 iMac?
It's right there with big, pretty diagrams in the users manual. -> Support -> iMac G5 -> iMac G5 Manual

See page 41 through 45. Remove three screws, lift off the back, insert memory, replace the back, and replace the screws.

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