View Full Version : imac g5 memory, Samsung RAM?

2005-10-03, 19:04
I just purchased a new imac g5 20". I want to upgrade ram to 2GB. Has anyone had experience with this ram? This price right. Thanks in advance.
http://cgi.ebay.com/2GB-2X1GB-APPLE-ORIG-SAMSUNG-RAM-MEMORY-APPLE-IMAC-G5_W0QQitemZ5814307232QQcategoryZ80037QQrdZ1QQcmdZ ViewItem

2005-10-03, 20:31
I'll just add to this post the question, what type of RAM would you recommend for the iMac g5 1.) if price was no issue & 2.) if price was a small issue.

2005-10-03, 20:48
To original poster:
Not sure about their memory, but their ResellerRatings aren't very good (granted it's a very small sample size). They seem to be doing something right if their eBay rating is so high though.


2nd poster:
1. Crucial. For peace of mind. http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.asp?model=iMac+%28G5%2D2%2E0GHz%2C+20%2D inch%29&tabid=AM

2. Probably several manufacturers you could choose from, picked one here.

2005-10-03, 23:44
Thanks MCQ!

One more question: does anyone know if there there is room for 3 memory cards or 2? The tech-specs say "2 memory slots," which doesn't tell me if that means two more than the one that comes standard w/ a 512MB card, or only one more. The picture of the guts looks as if there's only two total. Does anyone know?

Update: Nevermind... found my own answer. For anyone else curious, there are two total slots.