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2005-10-07, 00:36
Right, so I decided to play it safe and wait for most of the recent Apple news swirling about to settle, and then decided to purchase a BTO 15" PB 2 days ago! In the process I completely missed the news about a final "apple event" next week on October 12th in which there's massive speculation that PBs will be receiving an upgrade.

So...keeping in mind that BTO PBs take 2-3 weeks to build, what do you think the odds are that the PB I ordered will automatically be upgraded as it's being built IF it turns out that Apple announces such an upgrade for the PB? I suppose I'll have to call and see what sort of an answer Apple can give, but I suppose I can always return the PB...but wait, did I mention that the order was placed using the Developer's store? Hmmmm, this is getting complicated... :confused:

Does anyone have any thoughts?

2005-10-07, 04:31
I kinda have the same problem :)

I ordered the 29th September a PB 15"...
All those rumours and when Paris Expo was over, i got tired of waiting...
My stuff get's shipped the 10th, so i have no idea what i get (IF the rumours are true)
(It's really anoying everybody in my class scripting, and me taking notes so i can practise scripting at home...)

2005-10-07, 09:30
Well I decided to cancel my order last night before I got stuck with the PB. Like everyone else, I'm getting a bit tired of waiting and waiting, though...

Historically, when an upgraded PB is announced, does anyone know how soon it is available to order from the Apple site? And does the price increase, as well, or simply match the current models?

2005-10-07, 10:47
On a very general basis, the new model is available to order (but not necessarily to ship) on the day it's announced. Prices usually match or undercut the old models for ones of a similar level - so a top of the range 15" Powerbook from the new breed won't be more expensive than the top of the range 15" Powerbook from the current range.

Unless there's a hyper special super duper new feature as part of it, like it being able to fold into a package the size of a credit card or something like that.

2005-10-07, 12:06
Hmm...Well I just got a PB a month ago. My question is if there is an upgrade, will I be able to return to the Apple Store and have them give me the updated PB?

2005-10-07, 14:35
Generally, Apple will cancel the order for you, IF it has not shipped at the time of annoucement. They will NOT ship you an older model after they announce a new one. They quickly discontinue the old stuff and remove it from their site. However, if the product shipped prior to Tuesday, you are stuck!

2005-10-08, 08:02
Humz... My PB supposed to be shipped the 4th... When i didn't receive an email about it being shipped on the 6th, i called apple... They said it was low on supply's and it should ship on the 10th the lattest...

But i kind off don't care... There just rumours...
All i care about: "I WANT MY POWERBOOK!!! AND I WANT IT NOW!!!"

Franz Josef
2005-10-08, 15:44
Hmm...Well I just got a PB a month ago. My question is if there is an upgrade, will I be able to return to the Apple Store and have them give me the updated PB?Let's face facts - you got what you paid for. So just enjoy it - your PowerBook is no less good just because there's an updated model. It could be worse - you could still be using a Dell.