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2005-10-08, 13:24
I just found out a Taiwan website, "AppleNeverCares". :eek:

It seems like many people hate the Apple customer service in Taiwan. Long waiting for repairing a Mac, sales men don't have enough knowledge about Macs, service people unfriendly, nobody replies customers' calls and so on... :(

There are many articles about what Apple Taiwan has done to them. One example is written in English. I quote a part of it as the following
And I had purchased 3 years of Apple Care! No luck. Even though I had asked the head of Apple Care to contact me, I got NO call from him, no customer service, no satisfaction. I wish I had purchased my machine in the U.S. I think the Apple Care service would be better there. They should call it Apple-Taiwan-Doesn't-Care! That would be more accurate than Apple Care.

The website is at http://help.mac.to/blog/
Maybe we should let Apple US knows the issue, otherwise, it may keep hurting Apple market in TW.

2005-10-09, 00:46
Just bring it to the factory there, don't they make them?

But seriously, since my family all came from taiwan and I have gone there before, it's not a new thing for bad customer service... Major department stores don't even offer 30 day return guarantees, it's you buy it, that's that..

meanwhile, here in the US, I have a Fujifilm camera that needs its USB port on the camera repaired, I called and apparently they have had supply issues this year, there is a 9 month waiting period for the part... NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL INSANE!

Also, I have a Casio Exilim camera that my bro cracked the screen... Stupid 2.5" screens, the screens are so large and the camera's so thin that the screen cracked easily like a wafer. Contacted Casio and it costs more to repair the screen than it does to buy a new one.... Companies never make sense... I'm dropping the camera off a 7 story building. :) Was good for, eh 2 months and 400 dollars down the drain? :rolleyes:

2005-10-09, 14:00
but I thought Applecare is #1 customer service. Maybe it's #1 rating in the US, not in other countries...

2005-10-10, 08:20
but I thought Applecare is #1 customer service. Maybe it's #1 rating in the US, not in other countries...

that would reflect my experience, I have tried calling up AppleCare here in the UK and they are totally useless. Also they are very fussy about what is and is not covered etc...

When I got my new PB I didn't bother with extended applecare, the retailer I used offered their own 3yr plan for much less, and it was a direct replacement policy in the first year, with collect and repair for the next 2 years.