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2005-10-12, 16:41
I am trying to make a buying decision and could use some intelligent input.

my choices as I see it are:

--brand new 12" ibook G5 $999. Can order it without paying tax, just $20 for shipping.

--apple refurb ibook G4, $699
I will need to add an AE card and RAM so the total purchase will end up being around $900 before its usable.

--apple refurb pb G4 1.33, $1099
will need to add RAM

on both, no shipping from apple, but new york state tax (ouch)

the goal of this purchase is primarily mobility. I use the machine for writing and for work (internet access & documentation, some light graphics, like adjusting contrast in Photoshop LE). I already have a main machine so this is a backup/second.

I am currently running a TiPowerbook 867, 512mb, 40gb - When I first bought the Powerbook, i was aiming towards a time in my life where I was going to be mobile for about a year and a half, and it was also to eventually be my desktop replacement. I've done that successfully. however, it's a little too big for me to take out all the time, nor do i want to risk having my entire computer life out and about (no matter how well i back up).

Price is an issue, but i don't want to be completely obsolete as soon as it's arrived. i know that is always the risk and i am not a whiner - i've been doing this for too long - but there is such a thing as making an informed decision. i also don't care about the intel switch, i DO care about increasing my productivity which this purchase will do (as well as reducing the time i spend agonizing over the decision). :D

thanks in advance for your input.

2005-10-12, 16:50
You should just keep your Ti. It's a fine machine. What's wrong with it that you want to get a new computer? None of the ones you're looking at will be a huge amount faster, and you'd be losing lots of screen area.

Figure out why your old one is so bad before you just go replace it. You'll probably be less happy with a new one than you would be with your old one.

2005-10-12, 17:37
You misunderstand - I'm not looking to replace it. I'm looking to buy a second machine in addition to my PB.

2005-10-12, 17:41
That brand new ibook you're looking at is a g4, not a g5.

2005-10-12, 17:52
Well I guess you're in a dilemma... the PowerBook, with the big screen, is a great desktop replacement. But generally, the best desktop replacement is one that is very powerful (as powerful as a desktop). If you get a new 12" laptop, even the iBook will overpower the 15" PowerBook you have, and you'll want to use it all the time despite the smaller screen.

I don't know, since you already have a "main" PowerBook it might make sense to go as cheap as you can with a new one. The refurb iBook sounds like a great idea. An ideal setup for someone in your position would be an iMac G5 and a 12" iBook, but that's probably out of your reach. Maybe if you sold your 15" PowerBook you could afford both, but I'm not sure it would be worth it.