View Full Version : 2.7 dual g5 vs dual core intel

2005-10-13, 01:56
Where do the 2.7 gig g5's sit in relation to the best in the pc world. Are they being left behind. I need a new PM but can't bring myself to buy one when all the signs, ( or rumors ) point to dual core. Are the 2.7 gig PM's old technology now ?


2005-10-13, 02:19
ok... just for the record... a single Dual-core processor is NOT as fast as a Dual processor configuration... why? in a dual-core configuration, 2 cores are SHARING cache and bandwidth... which would slow performance as the processor load increased

in the case with 2 SEPARATE processors, they have their own dedicated bus, so they would handle heavy load better

ALSO, the Pentium D is a very bad design, Intel knows this, AMD knows this, the better of the 2 is actually the X2 and Dual-core Opteron due to it's onchip memory controller, lowering overal latency, but it's STILL not as fast as a dual (physical) processor configuration

dual-core is infact the cheap solution... why? you don't need as much materials, as you would to make 2 separate processors

2005-10-13, 02:22
FYI, the G5 does not have an onboard memory controller either. AMD is really #1 for 64-bit processors (or really, high end processors in general).