View Full Version : Buying a refurbished iBook in Toronto

2005-10-18, 08:50
Hey all,

I am currently looking for a refurbished iBook. However, being a mac newbie, I do not know which places have the best deals. I also noticed that the U.S. Apple store website sells refurbished iBooks, but they are not available on the Canadian apple store.

Anyways, while doing my search, I found the best deal on the U.S. Apple store. I still have to call them to see if they will ship to Canada without going through the Canadian store.

Does anyone know any more information about this? Also, does anyone know any good refurbished deals in the Toronto area.



2005-10-18, 16:30
As far as I am aware the US Apple Store will not ship to Canada (unless someone tells me otherwise). Considering the price of the ibook, even the 14" model with 1GB RAM and 80GB HD around $2000-$2500 Cdn with Applecare and taxes. Most likely you can gt one for less an shown on the Apple website. I know the store I go to drops the price by around $100 a machine.

Electric Monk
2005-10-19, 19:12
Do you know the various places that sell Apple in Toronto?

Don't know if they have refurbished, but off the top of my head you have:

Southwest corner of Spadina and College, conveniently by both awesome pizza, a huge library, and the best place imnsho in TO (Respectively Massimo's, Lillian H. Smith, and Kensington Market). I like them not just because of their location, but also because they were the only place that had not only had a mini when I was looking (month after release), but had kept at least one in inventory since their launch. Now if I could only ever remember their name...

A block or two north of Dundas on Bay St., around the corner... North Star Computing.

Carbon Computing on the north side of Queen, a couple blocks east of Broadview.

That's all I can remember, but I'm a downtown guy I know there's a couple more around somewhere...