View Full Version : New Media Student--New Powermacs?

2005-10-19, 12:11
I've been holding off on buying a powermac b/c of the iminent updates...now that they're here i'm not sure if i should buy one of the new ones or go with one of the older ones. I'm a new media student in unversity, so i do alot of web design, film editing and motion graphics. I don't think I really need the new dual-dual and don't really want to fork out the cash (trying to keep it under $4000 CAD$). I also run a small design company on the side so this computer will be earning money back for me. I have about a 45minute commute one way on the train each day so should I be thinking laptop too? New powermac or old powermac?(or would PB do the trick) and if a powermac which video card? (i know ziltch about video cards)

2005-10-19, 12:24
I would go with an older PM (that has dual processors instead of a single dual core processor) for a desktop.
If you want portability than either the 15" or 17" (might be hard to use on a train) would be OK.

2005-10-19, 12:24
PB... you can get 45 minutes of work done every train trip. And demo to clients on site.

15 or 17 might be a question of relative portability... the 15 should be fine now that it has the screen real estate of the old 17.

2005-10-19, 23:36
thanks for the input! :)

Any video card reccomendations for a powermac?

2005-10-20, 01:55
I am in almost the exact situation.

I am buying for my home office (I am a designer, web, print, etc)

I found some new 2.5 PM for 2900, some new 2.7 for 2999 and of course the new 2.3 for 2999.

(all canadian)

I wouldn't mind if you wanted to email me in8

PM me for details of prices if u want.

I am thinking of keeping the 2.7 as I bought it today
(with a 2 week return window)
because it was such an awesome deal, but I am still unsure if I should keep it or sell it and get the dualcore 2.3.