View Full Version : powerbook - 5400prm or 7200rpm drive

2005-10-19, 13:16
I cant decide if it would be better going with a 120gig 5400rpm hard drive for my powerbook, or the 100gig 7200rpm harddrive. Im not so much concerned with storage space as much as I am about battery life. Meaning which one is going to use more juice? Im assuming the 7200, but then I thought maybe with the higher capacity 5400 it would use more for all the searching of the platters. Im not sure. Any thoughts?

2005-10-19, 13:19
Faster hard drives require more battery power.

2005-10-19, 13:27
Is the modest performance boost enough to warrent the slight lose of battery life?

2005-10-19, 15:01
I just ordered mine with the 7200 drive. Only way to know for sure is going to hope someone benchmarks it, but I want all the speed I can get into the thing and the hard drive makes the largest difference in the system.

2005-10-19, 15:58
I think the very slight decrease in battery life will be worth the extra speed. Whether it's worth the extra cost as well... that's up to you to decide.

2005-10-19, 16:10
How much time would you say that you do multitasking including installing, compiling, transfering, or rendering on your laptop? I would call these everyday tasks for my pc hence why I wanted the 7200rpm drive, frankly though I would love to see SATA supported in the first edition of the Intel notebooks as it brings even greater performance.

2005-10-19, 16:17
Whether it's worth the extra cost as well... that's up to you to decide.On the 17" it's a wash, so that's kind of nice.