View Full Version : Powerbook or Imac and PC notebook?

2005-10-19, 19:42
Ok, I have to get a computer or 2 this week. I want opinions as whether to get an imac 17 and a compaq presario, or a powerbook 15. Both choices run me 1800. I'll live in a college dorm for at least the rest of the year, so I'm a bit paranoid about the imac, especially about little dings from footballs and such. I'm a bit of a pwer freak and I hate slow downs. The imac would be sweet and it would be my core, and the presario would be for internet, email, movies, etc. I definately want a laptop, and I like the front row and all.
I'm wondering if I want wish I had everything on one mac laptop.

Also resale value comes into play. Laptops seem to hold their value, but the imac and presario seem like a much better value now.

2005-10-19, 20:00
i think i would go with the iMac... its got more power for a lower price... what i would do is put all my programs on the mac and just put internet and a word processor on the notebook and keep it REALLY clean... dont download anything just keep what you need to use it for classes and what not... i do like my powerbook, but its just overpriced for what it is. go with the iMac and the Compaq, end of story

2005-10-20, 01:31
Either that or get the iMac and a ibook. The ibooks are tough little machines. Maybe a little slower than the Powerbooks, but if all you do is email and the odd movie, I think the ibook (12" or 14") is all you need.