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2005-10-20, 13:12
3 questions

1) Near as I can tell, the only difference between 2004 Pro and 2004 Std. is the inclusion of VPC 7.0 w/ XP pro in 2004 Pro. Are there any other differences? At amazon.com, third party sellers: the lowest price for 2004 Pro is $367, for 2004 Std is $199, VPC w/ XP pro is $190. If 2004 Pro == 2004 Std + VPC w/ XP, then there's only ~$20 harm in not getting pro right off, correct?

2) I'll be going back to school next year, and I understand at some universities macs have problems connecting to school networks to print, access data, etc. Would having VPC permit one to avoid any problems such as these?

3) Also, are Amazon third party sellers hawking pirated warez or something, how come they are $100-150 less than amazon, J&R, etc? They have 100s of reviews and a 'safe buying guarantee' through Amazon. Any reason not to trust them?

2005-10-20, 16:13
Your username is bugmenot (http://www.bugmenot.com/)... right?

So don't tell me your gonna pay for this shit! :smokey: