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2005-10-21, 00:09
Im getting my first powerbook soon, well my first mac as well. Im trying to decide if getting Applecare is worth paying the few hundred bucks that it costs. Is it worth it? I guess its just a gamble, paying for insurance in case you need it. But of course when you dont buy it, you need it.. and when you buy it you dont need it. Whats your advice? Do most people buy it?

2005-10-21, 00:11
Yeah, buy it. I will be. Remember, though, that you have until the original warranty ends to purchase it and add it to the PowerBook.

Also, check with local Apple dealers. I found one in Pasadena, CA that could almost match the Education pricing for Applecare, even if you're not education. It was an Apple Authorized Dealer and all that; they're just hurting thanks to the Apple Retail Stores, and willing to give you a deal to get your business.

2005-10-21, 00:14
So the 3 year Applecare isnt on top of the standard warrenty? Meaning 1 year standard then 3 years on top of that, so 4 years total?

2005-10-21, 00:37

AppleCare extends your existing warranty to three years from the date of the original purchase. You can purchase AppleCare any time during the first year to extend it.

2005-10-21, 00:40

You can get the skinny on AppleCare here (http://www.apple.com/support/products/proplan.html). It's a little cheaper if you buy through the Apple Education Store and/or you are a student.

EDIT: Bah! Brad beat me to it. :grumble: But at least I have pretty picture to show off. :D

2005-10-24, 09:16
Thanks Guys,

you reminded me to fill out that applecare paper work, my years nearly up!

If it wasn't for you guys ;)