View Full Version : FCP Studio w/ Edu Discount?

2005-10-22, 13:45
Has anyone else noticed that apple in the past couple of days has removed the edudcational discount from final cut studio? It went from $800 something to $1,499!!! Huge difference for us students...anyone know what teh dealio is?

edit: oops i posted in the wrong section...please move!

2005-10-22, 14:10
Looks to me like you got two things wrong...

The education discount is still there. Final Cut Studio is still available from the US Apple Education Store for the low price of $699.00 US.

2005-10-22, 14:17
Make sure you're logged into the education section first, AFAIK it doesn't save that :P

2005-10-22, 17:16
sorry i forgot to say this was on the Canada store and yes i was logged in with my proper student # and what not