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2005-10-22, 15:09
Hello all,

I'm buying a Quad, and I need 2Gb ram. I assume the RAM in the new Quad has to be "paired" like it did before?

If so, what does it ship with? 1x512? or 2x 256? So can I put in 2 1GB sticks for a total of 2.5GB, or do I have to put in 1x512 and 2x1GB? Or worse, do I have to remove the 512 and throw it away? If I can end up with 2.5gB for the same price (or cheaper!), then I'm laughing!

2005-10-22, 16:04
According to the US Apple Store (click the Quad model, then look at the list of customizable features) the default memory is "512MB 533 DDR2 Non ECC SDRAM- 2x256".

According to the US Apple site, specifically the tech specs (http://www.apple.com/powermac/specs.html) part of the PowerMac section:

PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM (NECC) installed in pairs: 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB; 1GB or more available in choice of ECC or NECC


Eight DIMM slots supporting up to 16GB of main memory

It doesn't look like there's any need to throw away the original memory unless it's either bad or you run out of slots.

EDIT: Oh, and purchase any extra memory from a third party. I assume the situation is the same in the UK as here in the States: Apple charges a lot more for memory from their store compared to other online/brick-and-mortar vendors.

2005-10-22, 21:32
My old PC needs to be retired and I am planning on buying the G5 Quad. I have the Mac version of Photoshop CS2 sitting here just waiting to be installed. First how much RAM do I really need. CS2 can address 3.5 GB. So, I would guess 4 GB at a minimum.

Concensus seems to be non ECC unbuffered. How important are the memory timings? I have found DDR2 PC4200 with CL timings of 3,4, and 5. What about brands? Are there any I should stay away from? Kingston appears almost as expensive as Apple, and Crucial I don't think I found any 2 GB modules. I did find OCZ 2 GB modules for $303 at one online vendor. These are rated CL 3-3-3-8. I think I want to go with 2 GB modules just to keep my options open if I decide to max out the memory to the full 16 GB.

Thanks for any input,

2005-10-22, 21:45
Photoshop is fine with just 1gb RAM, 2 is fine.. but you're not going to see huge performance boosts after that

as for timing, you really pay attention to that for overclocking, other than that 3 3 3 8 is just fine

as for brands, i recomend Corsair, or Kingston HyperX... it may be expensive, however VERY relable

ECC RAM is really only needed in server environments or for computers dedicated to mission critical tasks, for the average user it's really not needed, so save the extra cash and go for the non-ECC RAM