View Full Version : Printer to print on DVD's

2005-10-23, 00:20
I was wondering if anyone has a nice printer that prints onto the printable DVD's? We have one at work but it's a bit shit to be honest. It does what it's meant to do, but the quality is a little rough i think. My boss loves it, but i shudder when i look at some of them.

I want one eventually for home. I won't buy it for some time (no money) but would love a fairly good one. Anyone have any experiances with them? I'm not really concerned with money at this stage. If i can get an idea about a good one, then i can save some money for a while if it's a bit expensive.


2005-10-23, 18:16
I use a Epson R200. It is pretty good though I have not calibrated the color yet. It was cheap and I needed something to print DVD's right away.

Keep in mind a LOT of the print quality depends on the paper used. (Or in this case the DVD surface) Don't expect crystal clear results on that cheap-arse DVD printing surface.

2005-10-23, 18:19
Is there a particular type of disc that is better suited for print quality then? And i'll check out the R200. Thanks

2005-10-23, 20:16
I only use cheap GQ stuff so I can't compare with anything else. I've never seen a Photo glossy printable DVD before.