View Full Version : Refurb dual 2.0GHz vs New dual-core 2GHz

2005-10-23, 12:04
Buying a new power mac I'm kind of at a stand still in the decision making process. I can either get the Apple Refurb dual 2.0 for $1549 in stock config (160GB HD, 512 MB RAM, 128MB ATI 9600) or the new dual-core for $1839 (corp. discount) with similar specs, just a different video card.

Is it worth the ~$300 difference? The money isn't the concern, its that I want the machine to be the most stable. For example, a lot of people are saying that the dual-cores won't be as stable as the old machines (because they're almost Rev.A's). Also, anyone have trouble with the refurbs?

PCI-Express would be nice because its the new standard and will be around a while, but I don't have any devices for either at the moment, so it shouldn't be a big deal.


2005-10-23, 15:01
If money isn't an issue, I would go for the newer machine, but thats just a personal thing. I'd look to see what the differences are by looking up speed differences on the web, I know somewhere here there is a link to a site where the new models are compaired to the last generation ones.

2005-10-24, 17:01
Yeah, I saw the differences. They run about the same, except in the graphics department, where the dual-core performs better. Any other thoughts, anyone?

2005-10-27, 00:10
Dual Core. The refurb might have noise / PSU issues, and architecturally is a little bit dated now. Unless there's a huge price difference I wouldn't even think twice about it; you're going to use the computer for a long time, so over a period of years I don't think there's much reason to skimp.