View Full Version : Where to Buy?

2005-10-23, 20:10
After much debate, I've decided to switch from my Dell 8600 to a PB 12". The big question for me now is where to buy - not being a student and wanting to spend as little as possible (but not pennywise/poundfoolish) I'm focusing on ordering from amazon.com. Amazon has the PB for $1499, shipped free, no tax, but with a rebate bringing the price down to $1,350 (I buy a lot from amazon and am not worried about the rebate being honored).

But...MacMall and ClubMac both seem to have slightly better deals with rebates for memory (which I was going to buy anyway) and a Nano (which I wasn't going to buy but wouldn't mind having). Reviewing both companies online feedback gives me the sense that MacMall is probably not a good choice but that ClubMac could be a good one.

Would love to hear from folks who have bought systems from any of these companies and whether they did/did not receive their rebates and the relative hassle vs. reward!



2005-10-23, 23:02
BTW, does anyone sell PB with 7200 HD except AppleStore&?