View Full Version : Airport or otherwise??

2005-10-24, 16:26
Hi all

I currently have a 3.5 yr old iBook (12 inch) and i would like to go wireless. Is it worth going for the obselete "Airport card" (only really available on ebay that costs twice as much as the latest "Airport Extreme" ones), or are there cheaper alternatives out there?? such as USB WI-FI devices. HELP!!!

Franz Josef
2005-10-25, 16:09
There's a USB wifi adapter whose name escapes me. The original AirPort card wouldn't be a disaster if you can get one at a reasonable price. Assuming you're running Panther or Tiger, it will handle WPA though not WPA2 (unlike the old AirPort Base stations which can't be updated and consequently use WEP only)

2005-10-26, 15:46
How long do you intend to continue using your iBook?

If you plan to replace it soonish, then maybe you're best not wasting your money on upgrading and save your money for a new iBook which would have it built in (I think?).

2005-10-26, 16:06
Way back when AirPort was new, somebody found that wireless PCI cards from other manufacturers could work (I'm thinking of Sony offhand).

It's a long shot, and you'd have to do some researching that might be difficult to find.