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2005-10-25, 00:57
I know this may not be the best place to ask this but i don't know where else to ask. How much would this PC be worth do you think?

P4 2.26Ghz 1GB RAM XP 160GB HD
Has 6.1 surround sound, Audigy 2 Sound blaster sound card and Creative speakers with remote controll. Has Sony DVD Burner and second DVD ROM. Has Mouse, Microsoft Media Keyboard, NVIDIA GEFORCE FX5200 128MB Video card, and USB Games controller.

Games include, Unreal 2 - the Awakening, Soldiers of Fortune 1 and 2, Wizards and Warriors, AFL Live, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, Icewind Dale and expansion pack, Age of empires, Matt Hoffmans pro BMX, Supreme Snowboarding, Tomb Raider 3, RObin Hood, Dragon Throne, Disciples 2 - with 2 expansion packs, and many more.

It also includes 8.4Gb of Essential programs on one DVD, and The Human Body and How the Mind Works. All with Discs. Also includes PowerDVD (With Disc), and Adobe Premiere 6.5(without install disks).

An internal modem is included but not installed. The DVD-Rom drive is installed but has not been plugged in, however it does work perfectly.

Has USB ports, Including 4 USB 1.0 and 2 USB 2.0. Includes 2 80Gb Hard drives, floppy drive and 17" ACER CRT Monitor

Thanks for the help

2005-10-25, 01:11
About ninety pieces of eight.

2005-10-25, 01:30
Riiiggghhhht. I was sure it was worth a bit more than that.

2005-10-25, 01:53
$10, door stop! j/k... $500 :lol: ok Maybe $800-900

2005-10-25, 02:05
Yeah, it's a bit more. I've looked up what each of these items costs, roughly, if you were to buy this system brand new:

Motherboard/Case/Power Supply: ??? (not specified!)
Processor: $60 for a Celeron of the same speed (less L2 cache).
RAM: $80-$90
Hard drives: $50 each ($100 total)
DVD burner: $50
DVD-ROM: $25
Video card: $35
Sound card: $70

That's about $430 for the stuff you listed. Maybe $500 once you factor in a cheap case/PSU combo and a cheap motherboard. Figure on selling such a computer for $400, at most. Then you have the extras: game controller, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and programs. You'll get more for these if you sell them separately.

Is this a homemade system? If so, it should get you at least a decent price. If it's a Dell or something... not so much. I'd knock another $100 or $150 off the price if it is a Dell. Also, depending on where you sell it, you might get a lot of people asking you to buy just one of the hard drives, or just the RAM, or something like that. You might be able to sell more stuff quickly by parting it out, but you might also end up with two or three leftover components that no one wants afterwards.

2005-10-25, 04:08
$10, door stop! j/k... $500 :lol: ok Maybe $800-900
That's pretty much what it's doing right now! It is a homemade system. I have been adding to it over the last few years before i got into mac world. I can't remember if i mentioned, but it has 6.1 surround sound creative speakers too. Can't remember what they cost but they seem really nice. I'm assuming you guys are talking US dollars here? I'd be very happy with $800-$900 US. That would be tops for me right now.

2005-10-25, 15:37
$600-650 bucks with those speaks in there. I'm talking US dollars. If I could get $600-800 US for my upgraded G4 Tower I'd sell it in a second and then return my new ibook for a 15inch Powerbook. ;) Then again I still run a few OS9 apps so... maybe not. :lol:

2005-10-25, 16:01
Yeah, I'd say at $600 you'll sell it if you know someone who's really looking to buy. Otherwise it will move at $500 no problem.

2005-10-25, 16:15
I would guess somewhere between about 400 - 600 comparable to the other (US$) price estimates.

2005-10-25, 17:05
Oh yeah, add about 25% to my estimate for the conversion between USD and AD assuming you're in Oz.