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2005-10-25, 17:47
hi there,
i have a dell computer without wireless downstairs. I am looking to get a mac (probably imac, however can only really justify the mac mini:)) to have in my bedroom upstairs. I am about to get broadband. Would i be able to plug the modem in downstairs, and have some sort of wireless connection to the imac/mac mini upstairs? If so, how much would the cost be (min to max)? as you can tell i am a bit of a novice when it comes to wireless connections as i have no experience!

2005-10-25, 18:44
It's extremely easy. You'll want to get a wireless router (http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?Submit=GO&Range=1&bop=and&description=wireless+router&InnerCata=145) which can typically be had for $0-$40 US. Yes, sometimes you can get them for free if you keep your eyes open for rebates at local retailers. The link I provided is to a site called NewEgg (http://www.newegg.com). They'll have great deals on good routers. A lot of people will recommend a D-Link or a Linksys. I use a Netgear and am reasonably satisfied with it.

Get a router with a 4 port switch in it so you can hardwire your Dell to the router. Make sure when you order your Mini that you get it with an AirPort Extreme card (if it doesn't come standard...I believe they do now.)

Get the router, power it up, plug the ethernet cable from your modem into the router and you're ready to surf. Of course you'll want to enable some wireless security features on the router so that you limit your network access to people that you want on your network, there will be instructions with the router on how to do that. Of course, if you're still confused you're more than welcome to post any questions you have here.

This is sort of what the end result should be...if you can imagine the desktop computer being hardwired and replace the laptop with your mini.

Feel free to post any more questions you might have.

Franz Josef
2005-10-26, 05:18
Hi Martin. There are a number of threads dealing with initial set up to walk you through configuring AirPort Extreme, setting up security etc. Use the search bar with keywords and you will find everything you need. Do take the sensible steps to make sure your WiFi is safe and secure.