View Full Version : ? dual G5 2x2Ghz or new Dual 2Ghz

2005-10-27, 08:49
Which one would you choose, the older PCI-X based 2x2Ghz powermac G5 or the new Dual 2Ghz which is PCI-Express and dual core but a single CPU?

I am aware of all other technical details, was just wondering which one you guys would get if you can FOR THE SAME MONEY?

The dual procesor has one bus per processor but uses about 10% slower memory and the other dual-core have to share the single bus but has DDR2 and newer features like dual gigabit, dual R9 drive and a graphics card which supports the 30" display...


2005-10-27, 09:10
I'd get the newer one.

Moving to Purchasing Advice...

2005-10-27, 09:37
unless you have a lot of cards that you don't want to replace with PCI-e versions, get the newer one.

2005-10-27, 10:36
Thank you, guys!!

I have just ordered a new Dual 2Ghz instead of the older PCI-X based 2x2Ghz (instead of an used dual G4 1.25 MDD)...


2005-11-22, 13:49
I've got the new PCIe Dual 2Ghz and have done extensive tests. I can confirm that the newer dual core CPUs are in summary really like two CPUs. If you have similar purchase question, don't hesitate and wait even a second - just go and get the newer generation unless you have plenty of PCI-X which you would like to reuse.