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2005-10-29, 01:46
Hi guys.

I have been told to look at solutions for video conferencing to connect us and our collaborators around the world. My boss is sick of audio conferencing over the telephone.

The majority of our group run G4 Macs and we have some PCs around, collaboraters mostly windblows.

We are moving lab soon and will have a dedicated meeting room, with projector or plasma (havnt decided) dedicated for this feature.

So should we get a dedicated G5 to have the option of 4 way video conferencing (hosting) and take an isight when we are on the move?

How does the video conferencing fair up. I would hate to purchase the gear and it doesnt work very well with windblows.

I like the idea, just no idea how it is in practice.

Thanks for your help.

2005-10-29, 20:18
You know who could really help you with interactive video conferencing? Our newest resident Doctor. :cool:

Paging Dr Kickaha - paging Dr Kickaha.

Well worth checking out if you are into person to person collaboration and gesture control. :) Here's a start. (http://www.cs.unc.edu/~smithja/facetop/)

This online journal for CMC - computer mediated communication might prove helpful too.

Although the iSight idea seems great in practise, I'm yet to get it working with intlplby in China - but I should give it another shot. (I haven't written it off yet.)

2005-10-29, 21:07
Ohhhhh no. Don't drag me into this, I just do the neat nifty UI magic. :D

OTOH, my mother once fleeped me on iChat with a video chat request, and I thought "Odd, I thought she was in China?" And she was. Popped open her PowerBook in the hotel room, and it found the WiFi for her. She plugged in her iSight for the very first time, and it launched iChat. She saw a video camera next to my name, and double-clicked it. And we had vidchat between Chapel Hill, NC and Shenjong (sp?) China. I untethered my PowerBook, and took her on a tour of my department in Chapel Hill while she showed me the sights out her hotel window. It was a bit surreal - this is the woman who can't remember that Cmd-P is for Print.

2005-10-29, 21:26
That is an awesome testament to the simplicity of Apple's UI isn't it? :D

However, I can remember Cmd-P for Print, but am struggling to get video on iChat. It may have something to do with a firewall that the school is employing for all I know. I have no idea with network stuff. :o

2005-11-01, 00:50
Hi guys well it looks like i will be taking the Marratech (http://www.marratech.com/) line and not iChat. The Uni here has it all setup for video conferencing already so all we need is a crappy pc to run a projector and a few webcams.