View Full Version : Content Server for Plasma Screen

2005-10-31, 09:55
Hello all,

We've just acquired at work (a Dance Theatre / Dance Studios) a great big Plasma screen to hang over the reception desk and provide general info and info about today's events.

I need to feed it with content in some way, content probably consisting of:

Powerpoint or Keynote presentations of "coming up..." etc.
DVD video playback
Live video feed from the Theatre.

I was thinking of getting a Mini, putting it up in the Theatre control room and controlling everything from there. So, here come the questions:

Does anyone know a program that will take in DV video via firewire and display it full-screen?

Do you think a Mini will be OK running a looping Keynote presentation for 12 hours a day? Do I lose any of the cool transitions if I use a Mini?

The Plasma only understands 1024x768 and then stretches it for the widescreen. (Dumb, eh?) Is there anything that can pre-compress the image to account for the stretching later?