View Full Version : Screen protector for my new 15" PB?

2005-11-01, 18:55

I'm getting my new 15" PB tomorrow and I was thinking of buying screen protectors from MacAlly. Is this product safe to use or should I go with a soft cloth protector from shaggymac.com?

Appreciate your advice... ;)

2005-11-01, 19:03
I'm using the screen protector (foam) that came with my ibook right out of the box, and that seems to work great. Till it falls apart I don't think there is much need to use anything else. That said I use, and clean, a keyboard skin to help with that. (mid 2005 ibook)

2005-11-01, 19:31
WTF? iBooks comes with screen protectors? Mine didn't...

2005-11-01, 19:34
It was just some thin packing foam, no? I think there was something like that in my January-bought iBook when I unpacked it.

2005-11-01, 19:35
WTF? iBooks comes with screen protectors? Mine didn't...
Neither did mine. :(

2005-11-01, 19:43
Yeah its just the packing foam, but it works well with the iskin I got for my keyboard.

2005-11-01, 20:03
Does anyone have any experience using screen protectors from MacAlly? Would this in any way harm my screen? :|

2005-11-01, 22:15
I am told this (http://www.theinvisibleshield.com/) is just incredible.

I'm going to get one myself soon, if you are still looking once it arrives I'll let you know. Throw me a pm if you are intersted. Although this video (http://www.theinvisibleshield.com/images/assets/video_small.mov) testimonial looks pretty good.

2005-11-01, 22:56
That poor iPod! Slightly OT but what product would you recommend to remove the glue residue left over from the removal of one of those "brand X" iPod shields?

2005-11-01, 23:11
Brand X? What exactly were you using?
I haven't encountered residue left over, however... I believe a little bit of hexane will be able to clean it up nicely, without dissolving the plastic, however... don't quote me on that. I get the properties of acetone and hexane mixed up way too much...

2005-11-01, 23:41
goo-be-gone maybe? you can get it at walmart i assume or anything like that

2005-11-01, 23:46
Check out RadTech.com. You're probably looking for something like the ScreenSavRz