View Full Version : Protection for PowerBook Palmrest

2005-11-04, 17:04

I was wondering if anyone knew of a product to protect the PB palmrest from scratches? ;)

2005-11-04, 17:24
What are you doing that requires such pretection? I've looked around before when it comes to screen protection etc, but I've never seen anything that covers both the keyboard and the entire handrest. I don't think there are since that would limit the way heat leaves the hard drive through the case.

2005-11-04, 17:56
I cannot believe it, but I just found 2 products for this problem.
One is called Klear Advantage micro thin overlays from klearadvantage.com and the other from Marware.com called the PowerBook Protection Pack and it comes with a keybooard cover.

I seem to like the Marware product better because it looks nicer. If you look closely at Klear Advantage you can see bubbles. :)

2005-11-04, 18:06
Scratches aren't really the problem - it's more the pitting that can happen thatI'd worry about. Especially on the 17"

2005-11-04, 18:43
15" as well? Have you had a chance to visit those sites?

2005-11-04, 20:04
it's more the pitting that can happen thatI'd worry about
Oh yes, QUITE the problem! (http://forums.applenova.com/showthread.php?t=4030) :)