View Full Version : soundcard/external speakers for ibook 12"

2005-11-06, 10:05
I have the latest revision iBook which now holds my entire music collection. My old HiFi system will be retired soon and I am now looking to buy a decent set of external speakers which I can hook up to the iBook (or sometimes my iPod), something like Logitech Z2300 or HK Soundsticks.

Some reviews say that to get the most of these speakers you need a good soundcard. My question is whether my iBook has a decent soundcard built-in or should I upgrade (if that's possible at all for a laptop)? I realise that the set up will probably never be as good as a dedicated stereo system but I would like to get as close as possible to some good sound.

Any advice on soundcard/speakers would be greatly aprreciated. Thanks.