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2005-11-08, 00:38
I have been questioning myself if I should buy a new iPod or not... and I thought I'd post here and ask the questions I have.

I have a 2G 10gig iPod right now. It's got about 2 gigs left on it! I kinda listen to the same music a lot, but I have a lot of CD that I just haven't ripped yet, either. I also use it as a HD too to move anything really.


1) Are the NEW iPods ( video ) worth it if I already have something for the gym? I realize these are all relative questions, but what would you do, I guess is what I am asking.

2) I read that the 60 gig has about 1 hr 20 minutes battery life OVER the 30 gig. That sound about right?

3) I did pick one up at an Apple Store by my house, the picture and sound really were nice - do you go blind after viewing a 2 hour movie?

4) If I am on a plane, for say 5 hours, and wanted to watch video the whole time, can I get an add on battery pack of some kind for it?

5) I have heard of Hand brake which allows people to rip DVDs that they own and put on their iPods ( this would be sweet ) - now, I know you have to get RC cables for that, are they Apple specific, or can I goto a Radio shack were they are sure to be cheaper?

6) Follow up to 5, do I need the DOCK as well as the RC cables for viewing on TV, or just the cables. Kinda seems like Apple nickles and dimes ya to death if so.

7) Do these scratch easy like the Nano?

8) Are there any other games that can be put onto it than the ones it comes with?

I'd like to be able to listen to music in my car ( which I can't so with my current one, or atleast play and charge at the same time because it's an older jack mount ) I'd like to watch movies on it and onesthat I put on thru a TV without too much of a hassle, and I'd like to listen to music and play the occassional game on it.

I thank anyone who answers my questions. IF you al=ready own one of the new ones, I'd love to hear your review.


2005-11-08, 03:13
Here's my view:

1) If you're in the market for a new iPod, why not pick up a device that has 6 times the capacity of your existing model and can hold photos and video as well as music?

2) That's my understanding.

3) I can't see that you'd go blind! However, it is a small screen so the viewing pleasure may be reduced. That said, it's not really any worse than those little screens on planes.

4) Don't know. Don't some planes now have electrical sockets?

5) I used Handbrake to rip some South Park episodes last night. I don't think any new cable is required to put the DVDs on your iPod, but something might be required for playback through your TV. PS: I think Handbrake is only available for Mac, not PC, and it took around 45 mins to rip one episode of SP.

6) I think you need the Dock to playback on your TV.

7) I don't think the iPod has the same scratching issues as the Nano, but I'm not about to do a performance test!

8) It's not a PSP! I don't use mine to play games so haven't looked into this.

2005-11-08, 08:57
I just wanted to ask a follow-up on the scratching issue. I'm very close to buying the new iPod - the 30 GB sounds perfect for me - but I've read some reviews elsewhere on the Web that it scratches as easily as the nano, and much more so than the 4G iPod. Anyone have experience that supports / counters this? And if so, to folks who know more about Apple release cycles than I do (i.e. everyone reading this), is it likely that Apple would address this issue soon with a new casing? In other words, should I buy or should I wait?

2005-11-08, 09:11
This sounds like purchasing advice. ;)

Engine Joe
2005-11-08, 09:40
I have a 4G 60GB iPod and a 5G 60GB iPod. I have noticed no difference between the two regarding scratchability.

2005-11-08, 11:03
Can I have one? :)

2005-11-08, 12:02
Engine Joe, are you using any sort of protective case on your 5G iPod?

2005-11-08, 12:25
Hey guys,
I've just sent my ipod video back to apple as it was faulty. Headphone jack problem. However in the 3 days I'd had it the screen does seem to have got covered in scratches. Nothing major, but there still the same. I treated it like a baby and never took it anywhere not in its case. Think its just the nature of these screens, they will scartch and scuff, its just part and parcel of it. I wouldn't let it put you off buying one though as this is the best ipod yet! By a long long way. The minute you see the quality of the video you will be blown away, for something so small to have picture quality this good is some achievement. It is very watchable when blown up onto TV too!

I say head over to the apple stre now and get it ordered! They'll start running out soon for christmas.


Engine Joe
2005-11-08, 13:01
Engine Joe, are you using any sort of protective case on your 5G iPod?

I have a case for it, but it's the same product I use with the 4G iPod... so they're pretty comparable set-ups.

If you're really nervous about scratches, you can always buy The Invisible Shield (http://www.theinvisibleshield.com/), which protects wondefully against scratches (however, it doesn't do any sort of shock absorption/protection for dropping the iPod, so it isn't the end-all-be-all for complete iPod security).

2005-11-08, 13:58
Great - thanks for the info, Engine Joe and Dan.

2005-11-09, 12:02
Thanks Mikester, for the responses.

However, you didn't answer 5. Anyone know:

I know you have to get RC cables for that, are they Apple specific, or can I goto a Radio shack were they are sure to be cheaper?

Thanks again

2005-11-09, 12:31
You can use any RC cables you'd like and they'll work just fine.

2005-11-09, 15:14
I can vouch for the fact that the new iPod does scratch very easy. I noticed scratches right after taking it out of the box. I baby my iPod and the screen is scratched to hell--I just ordered some applesauce scratch remover and an invisibleshield for it. However, it's a great little device and I'd highly recommend it. But wait for the cases to come out, because it will get scratched very very easy.