View Full Version : Powermac G5 Quads Available in Apple Retail Locations?

2005-11-08, 10:24
Hey all... Does anybody know if or when the new G5 quads will be available for sale at Apple's retail locations? I am a college student in Central Florida and I can't risk having a brand new Quad and a 20 inch cinema display shipped to my fairly ghetto apartment complex while i'm in class. I have had things shipped here before and I never saw them. So I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on when they will be available at the retail stores so i can go pick it up myself and smuggle it home in some hefty bags...

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2005-11-08, 10:27
Was at my local CompUSA on Sunday at they were not there nor did he expect any in the near future. What was interesting is there were also no 30" Cinema displays. Anty chance of something new?

2005-11-08, 11:06
Those things should be signature required. If the delivery people has someone else other then you sign them with out your permission i think they are liable

2005-11-08, 18:31
hmmm, can the millenia mall store order it, and you go pick it up when it arrives. I'd call them and find out.

2005-11-08, 23:44
a friend of mine works at the apple store in santa monica. i asked him if i should order through him and cancel my online order. he said "we get em the same time as they do. makes no difference."

2005-11-09, 13:29
I called the Apple store and 1800-MYAPPLE to ask about having it shipped to the store and picking it up there but they both said that they do not do that... I also asked about requesting delivery at a specific date and time when i knew i would be home... this is also not available. I just want to pick it up in the store. If anyone sees one at your local Apple retail location, please let me know...


2005-11-09, 20:36
UPDATE! I called the apple store at the millenia mall today and asked if the quads were available. They told me within 2 weeks they will come in. He asked if i'd like the "best" or "ultimate" configuration... im assuming this is relatinf to the video card. Unfortunatley i really want the 7800 but im assuming the ones coming in in the next 2 weeks are carrying the 6800 and the quadro fx.
I asked them to put a "best" aside for me and I'll just bite the bullet and upgrade the video card next year. I'll let you all know when it comes in.