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2005-11-08, 18:31
I looked through the forums a bit and did not come up with any helpful threads. Basically here is my situation. I am at college and getting married this May. My fiance does not have a cell phone, and my plan is about to expire. (I am on a family plan with my family). I want a plan that can have a second line for very little more. Thing is, we are trying to decide if we even want/need a land line. If we got one we could get an unlimited long distance plan, but it seems like an unnecessary expense. This year I am in the dorms so I do have a land line, so I can use a phone card for my long distance. (About 2 cents/minute). So what is the best thing to do? We certainly want a cell phone for each of us, but also need to do long distance during the day. Sheesh, phone companies are total jerks. 60/month for just 700 minutes!?

As far as mobile goes, I use Cingular and their coverage is excellent here in Arkansas. Sprint seems to be really good as well, so I want to choose between the two. I know Cingular charges 5 cents per KILOBYTE of data transferred on their data services, and Sprint, well, I don't know about Sprint. It would be nice to be able to connect via bluetooth as I do now and not be charged a buttload of $. Anyways, some help would be appreciated. Thanks!

2005-11-08, 18:45
I haven't had a landline in 3 years. My wife and I both have cell phones. Long distance? What's that? ;)

Yes, cell phones are a ripoff for the minutes you get, but with in network calls being free, it's actually a pretty good deal. I can't speak much to data plans, as I don't have one but cingular has several unlimited data plans. They don't "allow" reverse DUN (dial up networking) technically, but it's doable with little problem. Look at howardforums.com for details.

2005-11-08, 23:51
Most unlimited data plans are $ expensive $; way more than a college student could afford. T-mobile by far has the best prices, although coverage can be iffy. You might want to test it out before you commit to a plan.

2005-11-08, 23:59
Ya, data isn't too big a deal. Just thought Sprint had some cheap unlimited plan, but I must be mistaken. Gosh, they are so expensive for just a few minutes! Perhaps I should get very few minutes and get a land line for long distance... My buddy from Europe told me today just how cheap their service is there, it's ridiculous!

2005-11-09, 00:20
Cingular is definitely overpriced.. I HATE IT! But, they do have the best service where I live, and everyone I know, practically, has Cingular so.

I still would go with the whole cell phone idea.

2005-11-09, 01:11
if you do want a landline for long distance, look into vonage or some VOIP. $24.99 for unlimited local and national

2005-11-09, 05:09

Use it everyday internationally for free to all my Skype mates...

Have used it to call real phones too.. Very good.