View Full Version : How to speed up load time

2005-11-11, 23:52
hey guys,
Well ever since ive purchased my new mac 6 months ago I have been browsing this forum and I have finally had the need to ask a question.
Before my computer used to load up really quickly and now it takes like 4,5 times longer and this has occured after I have recently updated from apple. Any tips on speeding up the process.

2005-11-11, 23:56
For what it's worth, most people don't shut down and boot their Macs from a cold start. Most users here simply put the computer to sleep when not in use; wake up from sleep mode is nearly instantaneous. The only delay is in waiting for the drives to physically spin up. Furthermore, power usage is sleep mode is near negligible and only keeps enough current flowing to retain the RAM contents.

Honestly, I don't even remember the last time I completely shut down one of my Macs.