View Full Version : Best place to get the upgraded Mini?

2005-11-12, 14:24
I've read that Apple has quietly upgraded the Mac Mini with a faster processor, superdrive, etc. But getting one is like getting a Wonka Golden Ticket -- there's no way to tell on the box. Has anyone reading this been lucky enough to get the upgraded model, and if you have, where did you get it? I'm in the Los Angeles area. Thanks for any help or advice!

2005-11-12, 15:20
Apparently, the best way to do it is this (from an old thread):

No, don't wait. I just went to the Apple store. Bought a Mac Mini - it's the updated one.

How can you tell before you buy? Simple. Go to the store. Ask to see the box. Write down the serial number on the box. Tell them you need to think about it some more. Walk over to one of the systems on display, go to Apple.com and click on Support. Type the serial number into the "check my registration/warranty" box on the lower right corner of the page.

If it says "Mac Mini", it's the old one. If it says "Mac Mini (Late 2005)" - It's the new one. Simple, and we think, foolproof.


2005-11-12, 19:42
Thanks for the info!

2005-11-12, 21:42
I must note that this doesn't always work, based upon Apple Clerks refusing to let you see the serial number.... Sneaky devils...

2005-11-12, 21:58
But isn't it on the box? I'd just ask to see the box, and start to write down the specs on the box, saying it's for "comparison"... and take a while doing so. They wander off to see other customers, and I take down the serial number. :smokey:

2005-11-12, 22:13
True... but if they don't let you see the box, unless you decide to purchse it... that's another story....

2005-11-14, 02:19
Headin to the Apple store tomorrow. I flash 'em my coffee-and-tobacco stained smile and see if they let me hang with the mini box over by their internet connection. Thanks again for the tip and I'll keep you posted. :smokey: