View Full Version : 60g iPod Photo-->Video?

Mr. X
2005-11-13, 00:21
I just bought a 60g iPod Photo last summer. I am very tempted to get the new Video iPod. I've already purchased 5 music videos (although I don't think I'll be getting any more for awhile, the selection is sparse).

With only 2 hours of battery life for videos and numerous scratch issues, I'm thinking I should wait until I start to wear out my 60g photo. I mean, the thing still looks brand new. By the time my 60g starts to wear, I'm sure the 2nd generation video iPod will be out with many improvements.

Anyone else w/ a 60g photo tempted to get a video, but opting to wait?

2005-11-13, 00:28

First of all, I don't know why anyone would buy music videos, of all things. Just the idea of it is kind of baffling to me. I would feel insulted since they used to be free to watch inside iTunes. Now they're an outrageous $2 each. I don't much care for music videos anyway, but that's just me.

I don't see the iPod video as being at all worth it, though. The improvements are very slight, and you already have a perfectly fine iPod. What would you get from upgrading?

- Slightly more compact and lightweight case
- Slightly larger screen
- Ability to watch small videos

And that's IT. Is it really worth it? It's $400 for a new one and you could probably only get $275 from selling your old one. Your new iPod will not be able to use an in-line remote, any other add-on that uses the remote port, or a Firewire cable.

Wait. Definitely wait, and see what's around the corner. You know Apple, they have been in "always/only update the iPod" mode for quite a while, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. The next iPod update will probably come within three or four months.

Mr. X
2005-11-13, 00:37
Great points, as always, Luca.

I've always been a fan of music videos. The videos I purchased are ones that were not previously available for free on iTunes. I can't imagine owning more than 10, so again, it seems crazy to buy an iPod to watch a handful of music videos that I'd rarely watch.

And as you said, my current iPod is perfectly fine. Of course, it's extremely bulky compared to the new iPod, but I'm sure when the time comes for me to upgrade, the video iPod will be vastly improved.

Dorian Gray
2005-11-13, 00:54
The new iPod has a few improvements over the old version, most notably its smaller size. The video feature isn't too hot and the aesthetics have suffered to make way for the larger screen. And they've got rid of FireWire support. To be truthful I would have a hard time choosing between old and new. I would certainly not "upgrade" from the iPod photo.

There. Feeling better already? :)

2005-11-13, 01:37
well i got my ipod video and its amazing. i downloaded Arrested Development season 3 yesterday (yeah pirated but fcuk fox anyway) and I am watching it now at work. Yeah the battery lasts 3 hours (60gb) but I got my cable here incase i need to charge it. so now i am watching tv at work and it rocks.

but if u r not willing to go the piracy way i dont think the ipod video is worth it. i pirate allot (i live in Kuwait we dont get all your tv shows and we get the movie censored) so the ipod video is rocking for me.