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2005-11-16, 10:25
Hi guys, thanks to all of you for your advice, finally I bought my 17" Powerbook, and here's what I think of it:
This is my second 17", and I'm very happy whit it, I'm no longer thinking if an intel PB will be released next week or next month, I don't care if it's going to be faster, what I care it's that I have it now.
So if someone is thinking the same, don't, buy it right now, it's a beautiful machine and enjoy it!!
Thanks again.

2005-11-16, 11:44
Congrats on your new toy, and glad you found 'Nova helpful. We're good value for the money. ;)

You may also find some groovy desktops and other inspirations for 'must have' tools and games here.

And of course, for sheer absurdity and comic relief, we also have some who excel at the frivolous.

You do need to be careful with some of our film reviews (http://forums.applenova.com/showthread.php?t=5242), though. :p

2005-11-16, 15:15
Oh, you'll care. Come MWSF, you'll care... Everyone cares...



2005-11-16, 15:40
Oh, you'll care. Come MWSF, you'll care... Everyone cares...



Oh Beeehave :lol:

2005-11-16, 16:56
MWSF? What's that? :D

2005-11-17, 23:14
Mac World San Fran

2005-11-17, 23:37
MWSF? What's that? :D

Its a convention where apple often introduces new products near the beginning of the calendar year...

2005-11-19, 21:40
...am I the only person who knew that jcampa was joking? He was talking about how he didn't care about any new Apple products, because he likes the Powerbook he has now (a worthy machine, especially with the higher resolution display!). He even had a freakin' smiley. Sometimes you guys scare me.

2005-11-20, 20:24
Their humor radar must have been down... I caught it, though (although not without the aid of the smiley).

2005-11-21, 14:44
Thanks Roboman, with 6 years beeing a Mac user you should know everything about Macs, don't you think? ;)

2005-11-21, 15:21
Well done son - live for now not tomorrow, it's a beauty ain't it!