View Full Version : Samsung 1Gb DDR2 RAM in UK for Quad G5 ?

2005-11-22, 12:55
I have a Quad G5 on order, but as usual I will get extra RAM/etc. elsewhere.

I normally go to Crucial in the UK for my RAM requirements and never had any problems, but I saw a few posts here & elswhere saying that Apple use Samsung RAM in the G5's/Quads... and people were buying 1Gb DDR2 Samsung RAM from Newegg.com (in the US)

Problem is, I can't find any supplier in the UK who supplies anything bigger than 512Mb DDR2 Samsung RAM.. my googling ain't helping.

I wanted the most compatible. Am I being to fussy? Should I just go for Crucial? Can anybody help please?

Any help appreciated.

2005-11-22, 18:49
I got 2gig extra from Gordon Harwoods where I ordered the Quad from. When I spoke on the phone to them, I asked what make of memory they would fit and they said either Samsung or Kingston. It may be worth giving them a call. Have a look at their website (www.ghc.co.uk) for details.

Without looking inside - is there any way of telling what make of memory is fitted?


PS. Whatever it is - it flies!

Dorian Gray
2005-11-22, 18:59
Samsung and Crucial both make high-quality RAM and I wouldn't care which of those two I had in my system. There are other high quality brands too, and a few that aren't as reliable.

To answer AndyX's question, no, there is no way of telling what make the memory is without opening up the case. Which kind of proves my point that it doesn't matter! :) Speed is determined by the bus speed, not the memory manufacturer.

2005-11-23, 03:05
Thanks for the info peeps.. I'll check out ghc, otherwise I guess its gonna be crucial.