View Full Version : How do programs communicate ?

2005-11-23, 09:54
I am curious, if I have two programs and I want them to talk to each other, how do I do it ?

I realize that I could write temporary files that they could both reference, or open a network port and allow them to talk through that.

But how can two programs talk to each other without using other system resources ?

2005-11-23, 10:43
I was going to post and say shared memory and reach the end of my knowledge in about 1 line- then I did a quick search and found this:

so I'll pretend I understand all these terms..! :)

Anyway - this seems a pretty good document..

I have also used things like JMS - but this is not really the tool for most inter-process communication on a local machine - and certainly uses plenty of system resources.


2005-11-23, 10:58
Thank you, this looks like a good link for me to start reading :) although it looks like it might be a bit beyond my abilities !