View Full Version : New Family iMac?

2005-11-23, 22:27
We've got an old (by today's standards) iMac G4 with an 800 MHz processor. The load of information it contains and its use have slowed it down a great deal. My computer was using handbrake and said the movie conversion would take 3 hours at 2:30 this afternoon. Now it's 10:26 at night and the movie is still ripping. Everything downloads slower than it should. Should we buy a new iMac G5, or just find some way to tune this thing up?

2005-11-23, 23:51
In terms of bringing back 'teh snappiness' I've found that an external HD does wonders for the machine. If you offload your documents and iLife files etc, and just keep the apps on the internal HD, that should give it room to breathe - ie: create loads of space for swap files essentially.

Also, a RAM boost is nice for some added pep too.

If you really want to get anal about it, (exhaust all possibilities before deciding to upgrade) then you can also try a clean install. Really freshens things up. Don't install all the printer drivers or languages ... except for the ones you will need of course. ;)

Granted these ideas won't increase the processing speed of the chip (actually creating more room for swap files could help in this instance) they should be explored before you think of upgrading.

Also, if thinking of the upgrade route, perhaps wait for the MacIntels - unless there is some fantastic "blow out" deal.