View Full Version : ext. firewire enclosure....Best deal...etc..

2005-11-24, 01:56
I am looking to purchase a 2-4 bay external firewire drive to hook up to my power mac g4 dual. Any suggestions? Want to make it a raid setup. So i have a complete backup of my music, photos, and video.

Which raid setup...its confusing me. I want two drives set up for storage and the other two backup. Should I get a case with the swapable drive trays? Thanks for your help.

2005-11-24, 09:49
looks like you want to find a case with a controller that does RAID 1: mirroring. that way, you will have the drives, and an immediate backup of both those drives without having to manually back up anything.

2005-11-28, 19:37
Ebay is the best. You can get one for around $30. The usb2 ones are around $10.