View Full Version : local mail server is not sending

2005-11-26, 15:33
i'm building a mail sender in php. my local mail server in OSX used to send mails but for some reson it recently stopped doing so. the same code will send mails from my online server but not from my local machine.

what can i do to remedy this? how to i find the settings for the mail server in OSX.

thank you

i'm on OSX 10.3.9

2005-11-26, 18:02
What mail server are you using?

2005-11-26, 18:12
i don't even know. all i know is i enable PHP in my OSX. i guess i use whatever mail server is in there by default.

i haven't knowingly installed a mailserver myself.

2005-11-26, 18:28
I don't think OS X comes with a mail server (though I could be wrong) and I believe PHP needs one in order to send. I think what you thought was working before wasn't really working or wasn't working the way you thought.

EDIT - I'm wrong, it seems that OS X (Tiger at least) comes with sendmail. Before it stopped working, did you edit php.ini?

2005-11-27, 06:36
OSX has Postfix installed by default. Has your ISP started blocking direct connections on port 25 to any server other than their own?

2005-11-28, 01:15
the only time i edited php.ini was the first time. i haven't changed it since. and sending mail used to work perfectly - pmazer, i could send mail and they were delivered.

my ISP has changed a few times recently. that could be it...