View Full Version : Deleting Delevoper Folder

2005-11-27, 21:42
Hi, i just un-installed Xcode. Is it ok to delete the "Developer" folder, or does the system need it?

Also, will re-installing Xcode once again make the Developer folder appear on my machine?

2005-11-27, 21:57
Yes, you can delete it.

Yes, reinstalling Xcode will recreate the folder.

2006-02-26, 23:11
I love when I find a thread that asks exactly the questions I have and has the perfect answers I wanted to hear all along!

2006-02-26, 23:49
I love when someon with 2 posts knows how to use the search button. Kudos to you! You figured it out about 100+ posts before most people do.


You need to give lessons to most newbs. :)