View Full Version : Ext Harddrive: which one to buy?

2005-11-28, 13:38
I need a HD to back up my 60GB iBook. At the moment it's only 50% full and I don't expect that it will fill up soon.

I have done a lot of research (incl searching Applenova), the more I read the more confused I get. :o

I have also been to my local Apple Store here in London. they currently do a deal on a Lacie d2 160GB (USB/FW 400/800 )incl Intego Back Up software for 120.

I checked on amazon uk and there they offer a Western Digital USB2 only but 250GB 7200RPM Essential Ext HD, it has tons of positive reviews...and it costs only 97!

Unfortunately I am on a tight budget and would really like to save money if I can.

My questions:
1 Is FireWire really that useful if I am not in hurry and do back ups overnight?

2 Which software is good for full system recovery? I heard good things about CCC and Superduper? I could not find info on Intego?

Many thanks.

Franz Josef
2005-11-28, 13:59
The LaCie drives are excellent - the triple interface drive is very useful but only if you have a FW800 port to capitalise on it. You haven't with the iBook so just go for a FW400 or USB 2.0 drive.

If the Western Digital drive gets good reviews (and do make sure you research this) I would go for it. 160 GB is too small an external backup drive in any case if you have 60GB internal drive, 250GB is good and USB 2.0 will be fine (only slightly slower than FW400 for sustained transfer).

Re backup, if you have a dotmac subscription, use Backup 3 from Apple. Otherwise CCC (which is free). Personally I don't like Intego because I've had difficulties uninstalling their apps in the past.

2005-11-28, 14:10
FJ, Thanks for your reply and thumbs up...didn't know that my iBook does not have FW800.

Franz Josef
2005-11-28, 14:13
:) No problem, it has FW400 and USB 2.0.