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2005-11-30, 05:51
I am guessing most people have heard of this but stumbled accross it myself for the first time today..

dim3 (http://homepage.mac.com/ggadwa/KlinkSoftware/index.html)

I am currently working on a massive Indie project of my own and have been looking at various game / scene graph engines and open source resources to get my project off the ground quicker and save repeating work that has already been done..

For me I am now happy as I have settled on Open Scene Graph and VTerrain and a few other bits and pieces..

But in my travels I have looked at Torque, Ogre, Unity and Delta3D among others... dim3 did not pop up in my searches and I stumbled accross it today for the first time and was really impressed for a no-strings attached, OS X dedicated piece of Open Source Developement..

Check it out...

For the record: I do not know the author and don't think this is Spamming (apologies to anyone who thinks it is) but I feel this would be a worthwhile resource for people to know about... Plus the fact it's free.