View Full Version : Applecare for PB 12" - Should I get it?

2005-11-30, 11:25
Hi all,

I'm planning on purchasing a 12" PB within the month and I was wondering if I should enroll in the Applecare warranty or not.

Is it worth the 300+ dollar price tag? Are there ever major problems with this laptop?

Any inputs would be appreciated.

Much thanks

2005-11-30, 11:47
I would just because laptops tend to get abused more than desktops.

2005-11-30, 11:48
On laptops, ALWAYS.

I think many here will echo that, and agree.

This has been discussed some here in the past (you might be able to track some threads down, using the search feature, to see some detailed, specific reasoning).

But, in a nutshell, laptops are taken out into the world more. And they're smaller and more delicate. And they frequently employ more expensive (or funkier) components. Add all those up, and that's just BEGGING for something to go wrong!


Why be stuck facing a $800 or so repair 18 months from now? It happens.


I'm a PowerBook owner, and I have it on mine (it's good until October 2006).

But I simply plan/budget for it.

The cool thing to be aware of is this: it's not something you have to get right away...you have a year of coverage. Most everyone I know - me included - buys their AppleCare extension on about the 11th month of ownership, carrying them into a second and third year of coverage. So that's not a $349 hit you have to take RIGHT NOW, if funds happened to be tight or whatever.

I bought my PowerBook in October 2003. Then I bought my AppleCare in September 2004. I'm covered until next fall (three total years). Klutz that I am, it was a no-brainer for me.

No, I haven't had to use it...but the peace of mind is worth something too! Knowing that if something DID happen, I'm not looking at some whopping repair bill...I've read some horror stories over the years, with some VERY large prices cited for out-of-warranty iBook and PowerBook repairs.


2005-11-30, 12:10
Just remember that AppleCare is an extended warranty, not an insurance policy. It covers against premature failures and hardware defects, not accidental damage.

That said, I got AppleCare for my PowerBook. What do you think I am? Crazy? :p

2005-11-30, 12:17
In a word: YES!!!

See above for compelling reasons to purchase AppleCare.

2005-11-30, 14:24
I bought a 12" PB in January 2005, and planned to buy AppleCare at the end of this year. This month Apple emailed me a 10% voucher; the threshold price for using the voucher was just below the AppleCare price. Last week I bought AppleCare. Enough said.