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2005-11-30, 19:47
Hi everyone!

I have an iMac (the one with the spherical bottom) that I am absolutely in love with. I still love it even though there has been two redesigns since. I was planning on getting an iBook to go with it, but with the news of the possible release of an intel iBook a dilema has arisen.

I was pretty sure that I was going to get a 14 inch iBook for Christmas, but know I'm torn between just getting the iBook or waiting for the possibility of thenew iBooks at macworld.

I don't really care about the intel switch or about minor technical differences, but I do of course want the latest and cheapest and it would suck to get a brand new mac and have them release a new one 2 weeks later. I wouldn't mind a built in iSight either with photobooth either though....Any other new features you forsee? I was considering just getting one and returning it if a new one comes out, but I checked on Apple's site and they said that all returns must be made before the 8th of January (smart move by them). Any other options you all can think of?

What do you guys think...Buy now and be happy with current iBook....Or wait for the new ones....Ahh I'm just so torn! Help!!!! :err: :eek: :no:

2005-11-30, 19:56
Just wait. It's not worth buying an outdated and soon-to-be-updated computer just for some arbitrary holiday. If you're buying the iBook for yourself, as I said, just wait. If someone else is buying it for you, tell them. A gift that expensive is usually okay to talk about beforehand, and if that person really wants you to be happy (they must, they're buying you a friggin' iBook!) they will try to do so. I seriously doubt anyone would say no to you if you requested they hold off the purchase for two weeks.

2005-11-30, 20:01
Thanks Luca...It will just be so tough waiting...hahaha. And what if the rumors aren't true and there is no new iBook or I don't like how the new one looks? Descision, descisions....

2005-11-30, 20:01
I agree 200% with Luca. Would be completely silly - just because it's Christmas and you're "supposed to get something" - to make a purchase costing this much - when one is all but certain waiting in the wings, two weeks afterwards.


We're not talking a $12 Old Navy fleece pullover here, after all. If you're going to spend $1,299 or more, I think it's perfectly fine to get the absolute best you can get.

If there wasn't all this "Intel iBook" talk from such reputable sources, I'd not have this opinion. But we're talking, what...two weeks?

Wait...otherwise, you're gonna feel like a numbnut if Apple unveils some amazingly cool iBook on January 9...especially if it costs less than the current model.


2005-11-30, 20:02
Nitpick: There's actually really been only one redesign since the iMac G4, which was (drumroll) the iMac G5. The iMac G5 saw a pretty significant makeover in September, but it wasn't an entire redesign. And I love the iMac G4, too.

Have you considered the iMac G5? It costs the same as the 14" iMac, and it's much better (technically speaking). If you don't absolutely need portability, desktops are the way to go in the Mac world right now. The new iMac is great - I just got one - and you'd have your iSight and Photo Booth.

But that might change soon...like, January. Many think that Apple's portables will be the first to get Intel chips, which would be a huge leap forward. For that reason, I wouldn't advise getting a notebook before MWSF - it's entirely possible they will release a new one (an all-new one) two weeks after Christmas. Buying a just-updated iMac would be a much safer bet. It's much less likely that the iMac will get redesigned anytime soon, because it really doesn't need to be, whereas the iBook and Powerbook are hitting the ceiling of the G4 (and that's an understatement).

If you need portability, I would definitely wait until January. If you don't need portability, I would probably go with the iMac - although I'd wait the two weeks until MWSF just to see if the iBook got a redesign. (You'd get the 2006 version of iLife, too.)

2005-11-30, 20:04
I would feel very dumb, your right pscates. I will either end up feeling one of two things

1. Apple doesn't release new iBook - Mad that I waited, but hey I'm getting an iBook anyway
2. I get current iBook and new iBook is released 2 weeks later- Furious that I didn't wait

2 sounds like the better choice...

2005-11-30, 20:08

I have considered the iMac, thanks for your thoughts roboman. If I didn't want portability then I would def. go for that. I am still so happy with my G4 that I don't really need a new desktop. Even though the new iMacs are very cool, I still love my iMac with tiger. Do you guys really think these iBook rumors are even remotely true?

2005-11-30, 20:09
Thanks Luca...It will just be so tough waiting...hahaha. And what if the rumors aren't true and there is no new iBook or I don't like how the new one looks? Descision, descisions....

Well, then you buy a blowout/refurb model from Apple or elsewhere. The current ones aren't going to all vanish in a puff of smoke the very day a new one is introduced. You can go to the online Apple store, scroll down and click that red tag icon (sales, refurbs, special deals, etc.) and if history is any indication, there will be quite a few previous-generation iBooks available to buy for some time (at very handsome discounts too!).

And if one ISN'T unveiled, then you get the current iBook.

It's only a couple of weeks from Christmas to MWSF...are you truly going to be doing something so critical in those 15 or so days that can't wait, in order to see what happens?

If the answer to that is a genuine "yes" (and only you know that answer), then it sounds like the solution is obvious...get an iBook now, or for Christmas.


2005-11-30, 20:12
Do you guys really think these iBook rumors are even remotely true?

I'd comfortably put $300 bucks on it, yes. For what that's worth. :)

2005-11-30, 20:15
No, I don't desperately need it for the 15 days after Christmas. I just think it will be weird to be asked what did you get for Christmas and be like "I'm waiting for the possibility of a new iBook". It's not weird for me, but many people don't understand this whole mac thing. But thinking about that shouldn't be my reason for not waiting though....

300 bucks, wow :D